Now is the time to order!

Hey all!

Wow. I have been so incredibly thrilled and touched by the feedback from this new endeavor. The support I’ve gotten from friends, acquaintances, and brand new folks alike has been really kind and wonderful. And as a result I am now a busy stitching lady!

I have been accepted to the Craft Collective Holiday Market here in Lawrence so I’ve got lots to do between now and December 2 & 3 (mark your calendars!) and I’ve booked a couple exciting Stitch It! Parties that I am soooo looking forward to! My commissions list is also growing so I wanted to let you know… if there’s been a piece you’ve been thinking of that you’d like me to do for you, or perhaps for a gift for someone else, NOW is the time to reach out! I might be able to get some done faster but I’m going to have to start quoting 3+ week turnarounds because my commissions list is growing! So get on my list! I really LOVE doing commissioned projects and getting creative with new ideas so I’d love to see what I can do for you!

Email me at or shoot me a message on Facebook or here on my website. Can’t wait!

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