About A. Rose

Hello!  I’m Amanda (A. Rose), and welcome to Stitched by a Rose, my little labor of love side-gig.  Due to a variety of life events and the firestorm that was post-November 2016, I found myself in need of a way to practice some mindfulness, find peace, and express my creativity in a new format.  Years ago, as a child, my mother taught me how to embroider, so I though I’d pick it up again.  I quickly fell back in love with the art of stitching and decided to try my hand at some new creations.  Before I knew it I was staying up late thinking of new designs, picking out countless fun fabrics and new colors of thread, and poking hundreds of tiny holes in my fingers as I worked on my new craft.  Stitching has now joined the ranks among the things I love most – almond milk lattes, cats, true crime shows/podcasts, fall sweaters, and Netflix binges (oh, and my partner and little boy of course).

What you will find at Stitched on a Rose is a wide variety of cute, sweet, sassy, and irreverent stitches – hopefully a little something for everyone.  If it’s not for you, that’s okay, too.  Because really, this is for me.  If you love a piece, let me know!  It could be yours, or I could specialize a new one just for you.  Thanks for visiting the site and sharing the love.Logo1